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5 ultimate gluten-free Pancake Day recipes

5 ultimate gluten-free Pancake Day recipes

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These are our ultimate gluten-free Pancake Day recipes, free from gluten and full of incredible flavour. They’re a guaranteed hit with everyone, whether you eat gluten or not. If you’re flippin for breakfast, lunch or dessert – these recipes will cover all your gluten-free Pancake Day needs. Enjoy!

Explore this flipping good list of our top five gluten-free Pancake Day recipes.

So, whether you’re coeliac, or just looking to cut down on gluten, we’ve got a gluten-free Pancake Day recipe for you!

A lovely thin pancake recipe, these French-style crepes are a beautiful dessert. The cider and Calvados-poached fruit adds an extra warmth.

This super-tasty pancake batter is perfect for vegans, plus buckwheat flour contains the mineral manganese, which we need to keep our connective tissue strong and healthy.

Socca is a classic street food in the South of France. Pancake-thin unleavened bread made with chickpea flour, topped with a tasty filling – it’s a great snack. These soft and sweet onions are unbelievably good.

Another socca recipe made with chickpea flour, these incredible savoury pancakes are loaded with fresh greens and crumbled goat’s cheese. A shaving of Parmesan adds the finishing touch.

Chilli, onion, spices and crushed pomegranate seeds go into this super-special pancake batter. Top with tomato and raisin chutney, then serve with avocado and rocket salad for a flavour explosion!

Topping Your Gluten-Free Pancakes

Let’s talk syrups, shall we? I love topping these gluten-free pancakes with some homemade syrup. These recipes are gluten-free and make the perfect topping for your tasty pancakes!

This blueberry syrup is the real deal, not like the fake stuff you get at the pancake house. I make it with fresh blueberries in the summer and switch over to frozen berries when not in season. And yes, you can make the blueberry syrup gluten-free too!

Prefer a different fruit? Then you want my recipe for strawberry syrup! The blueberry syrup was such a hit that I switched it up and made a strawberry one –just because.

Lastly, you’ll want to be sure to keep this Cinnamon Syrup recipe handy for when you want just a little bit of extra zing on top of your pancakes. I originally made this for my Cinnamon Roll Pancakes, but I’ve started keeping it on hand for this traditional pancake recipe too. YUM!

Lastly, it’s not quite a topping, but if you’re ever wanting to change up your classic gluten free pancakes, make sure to grab this recipe for Double Chocolate Chip Pancakes. I’ve tested it out with easy gluten free modifications and shared how it’s done so no one has to miss out on the chocolate-y goodness.

Yup. We are pancake obsessed. And dietary restrictions won’t hold us back from our yummy pancakes!

9 Pancake Recipes to Make for National Pancake Day

It’s National Pancake Day, not to be confused with IHOP’s National Pancake Day in March or Pancake Month, which happens all 28 days of February. This particular Pancake Day came about not from corporate sponsorship, but from a few regular folks with an excellent idea. According to the National Day Calendar, Marianne Ways and Colleen AF Venable had grown weary of September 19&aposs "Talk Like a Pirate Day" and thought naming a Lumberjack Day exactly one week later would be both a refreshing counterpoint and the perfect excuse to eat as many pancakes as the notoriously hungry, strapping, tree-chopping fellows. Lumberjack Day was thusly dubbed on September 26, 2005, and in 2013, the day was renamed National Pancake Day, to put the focus where the focus belongs.

Whether or not you choose to don a beard and flannel on this hallowed day, you should probably eat some pancakes. For inspiration and encouragement, here are nine of our favorite pancake recipes. If you&aposre looking for pancakes to impress a crowd, pancakes you can grudgingly pass off as healthy, the most lavish pancakes you will ever make, or a simple, classic buttermilk, we&aposve got you covered. Smother every stack with copious amounts of maple syrup to truly embrace the lumberjack spirit.

Tips for making Gluten Free Pancakes

  1. I use a well seasoned cast iron skillet to make my pancakes. If you do not have a cast iron skillet then a non stick pan will work well too.
  2. Grease the pan a little in between every batch of pancakes to make them easier to turn, you don’t want them swimming in fat or you will end up frying your gluten free pancakes!
  3. Don’t expect them to show air bubbles like regular pancakes, they will make some but the batter is not exactly the same as regular pancakes, they also take a little longer to cook.
  4. Make sure the baking powder you use is not old or your pancakes will not rise.
  5. To prep ahead you can measure out your dry ingredients ahead of time and put them into ziplock bags to create your own gluten free pancakes mix that is ready to go in the morning when your children are getting ready for school.
  6. Make the pancakes dairy free by using your favorite dairy free milk, I like to use unsweetened soy milk but any non dairy milk will work.
  7. Serve them warm from the pan! This is the best way to eat them.

10 Gluten Free Pancake Recipes You Won’t Believe Are GF!

I’ve made a few gluten free pancake recipes on the blog, but today I thought I’d finally put them all in one place. I’m helpful like that! There’s everything from crepes, to fluffy American style blueberry pancakes, galettes and more.

(though if you live in my house, you won’t need more than the first recipe because being adventurous is scary)

So let’s get started with crepes first of all (even though I just call them pancakes… anyone else the same?!) Here they are…

1. Gluten Free Crepes (click here for the recipe).

Now, you just can’t beat a good gluten free crepe and that’s why this recipe is first in at number one.

You actually only need 3 ingredients and a little oil for frying and you’re ready for action. You can even use dairy free milk if you’d prefer and this recipe is low FODMAP too if you use lactose-free milk.

(also how have I made it this far into the post and not made a pancake pun yet?)

Well this recipe is flippin’ awesome because you really can top it in soooo many different ways. I love the classic lemon and sugar combo, but my close faves are Nutella and banana as well as raspberries and strawberries with maple syrup…

I’m getting quite hungry just writing this!

But yeah, this is the recipe I think of when I say ‘pancakes’ but happily call them crepes if you’d prefer! Either way, this is pretty much the only gluten free pancake recipe you’ll need on Pancake Day and beyond.

2. Gluten Free Blueberry Pancakes (click here for the recipe).

Next up in my gluten free pancake recipe round-up is my 5-ingredient blueberry pancake recipe.

Now this recipe is close to my heart because it’s the first time I made light and fluffy pancakes that tasted how I remembered.

And yep, you guessed it – you only need 5 ingredients. Pretty crazy when you consider that one of the ingredients is blueberries, right?!

If you love a stack of pancakes instead of rolling them up then this is definitely the recipe for you. There’s zero sugar in the pancakes (apart from the natural sugar in blueberries) so make sure you serve these up with a little maple syrup.

3. Gluten Free American Pancakes (click here for the recipe).

My first experience of American-style pancakes was on my final day in Disneyland Paris when I was about 7 years old.

We had a ‘character breakfast’ which basically is when Mickey, Minnie and the rest of the crew come round and say hello at your table.

It basically made my seven year-old life.

But what I remember equally as much were the amazingly thick yet fluffy pancakes they had out for breakfast every day.

(sorry Pluto, but you can’t out-do good pancakes)

So I decided to create my own gluten free American pancakes recipe that reminded me of the first time I ever ate them – probably while looking a bit like this… (oh and don’t forget to click here for the recipe.)

4. Gluten Free Triple Banana Pancakes (click here for the recipe).

So far with all my gluten free pancake recipes, I’ve tried to keep things to the bare essential ingredients, with no added extras.

But with my triple banana pancakes, I really wanted to go the extra mile, throw in a few more ingredients and make something totally out of this world.

So not only do my pancakes have banana in them (twice) I also serve them up with a banana-infused syrup to nail the trilogy.

The result is a banoffee like stack of suuuuper thick pancakes that don’t even need any topping… apart from maybe even more banana if you’re a fanatic like me!

So if you’re feeling like pushing the boat out, my gluten free triple banana pancakes recipe is the perfect place to start.

5. Gluten Free Marble Pancakes (click here for the recipe).

I mean, if you’re looking to wow people with your gluten free pancakes, then stop right there! Thank you very much.

(sorry, I went full Spice Girls there for a second)

My gluten free marble pancakes taste as good as they look and honestly, they’re not even hard to make.

I basically took my gluten free American pancakes recipe (listed at number 3), split the batter into two bowls, made one bowl vanilla-flavoured and the other one chocolatey.

That’s not especially difficult now, is it?!

Then you just alternate spooning in your vanilla and chocolate pancake batter into the frying pan.

Lastly, simply take the back of your tablespoon and swirl it all around until it’s all well-marbled. Sound good? Click here for the recipe.

6. Gluten Free + Vegan Crepes (click here for the recipe).

Eggs are in everything, which is a definite no-go if you’re vegan… so that’s basically 99% of all pancakes known to man ruled out!

So I really wanted to create a few vegan (and gluten free) versions of my fave pancake recipes, so there were options in this post for everyone.

(I definitely know that feeling when you look at a menu in a restaurant, or a list post like this and you can’t even eat anything!)

And you know what? The vegan version of my crepes turned out to be amazing. I really thought that substituting the egg for baking powder would mean that they wouldn’t bend/fold and they’d be really brittle… but nope.

They’re everything you’d ever want in a crepe, so if you’re gluten free and vegan, make sure you give them a try. Oh and only 4 ingredients too – crazy!

7. Gluten Free Chocolate Pancakes with Ferrero Rocher-style Sauce (click here for the recipe).

I think of pancakes as something you have for breakfast, but after creating my gluten free chocolate pancakes recipe… now I’m not so sure!

(if you do have this for breakfast though, you’re clearly an absolute legend ?)

I really wanted to make these suuuper thick and I was really pleased with how they turned out… I mean, look at the thickness of them! They’re super light, fluffy and sososo chocolatey.

Then the sauce – yaaaasss! I felt like having maple syrup with chocolate pancakes felt like a bit of a mis-match, so I decided to create my own Ferrero Rocher-style sauce instead.

It turns out that it was the greatest decision ever and not just because you only need 3 ingredients to make it. Purely because it tastes divine!

8. Gluten Free + Vegan Buckwheat Pancakes (click here for the recipe).

Ok, now we’re in the realms of adventurous by my standards!

I’m sure most of you have tried buckwheat flour before, but here’s the low down just in case…

Buckwheat flour is a wonderful gluten free flour to use as it has a bit more of a wholemeal, nutty taste. So actually, you can use this recipe for sweet or savoury pancakes, it’s totally up to you.

But what’s pretty awesome is that this recipe needs no eggs, making it totally vegan. And no, you don’t need to use egg replacer, chickpea water or anything weird like that… it just works!

9. Gluten Free + Vegan Buckwheat Galettes (click here for the recipe).

I created this simple gluten free pancake recipe right after I came back from Paris – my vegan buckwheat galettes with with pesto and dairy free cheese.

(ok I did unpack my bags first!)

The actual galette only has 3 ingredients – buckwheat flour, water and salt. That’s it! You can happily use these for sweet fillings if you like, but in Paris, they’re traditionally folded into a square shape with lots of lovely savoury fillings in the middle.

As this is another gluten free and vegan recipe, I opted for dairy free cheese and pesto which was amazing! Now I just need to book another trip to Paris ASAP…

10. Gluten Free Pancakes with Ham and Goat’s Cheese (click here for the recipe).

Here to confuse you when it comes to deciding whether or not it’s acceptable to have savoury toppings on your crepes is my final gluten free pancake recipe!

Yep, this one is made with goat’s milk and even has a homemade goats cheese sauce (and ham/sun-dried tomatoes) on top of it.

(because why not just break all the rules?)

If you’re genuinely considering making this on pancake day, then hats off to you because you’re clearly an ‘outside of the box thinker’ and all around pancake enthusiast.

Or, you just really bloody love goat’s milk – I’m not sure which one!


Thanks for reading my round-up of the 10 gluten free pancake recipes you won’t believe you can eat! If you make any of them, I’d love to see how they turned out so don’t forget to take a snap of your creations and tag me on Instagram!

Plus, I’m giving away a £50 supermarket voucher every month to my fave pic, so get cooking!

Any questions about the recipe? Please do let me know by following me on Instagram and leaving me a comment!

Recipe Summary

  • 1 1/2 cups brown-rice flour
  • 1/2 cup potato starch
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon xantham gum (optional)
  • 2 cups buttermilk
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted, plus room-temperature butter for serving
  • Safflower or other neutral-flavored oil
  • Pure maple syrup, warmed, for serving

In a large bowl, whisk together flour, potato starch, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and xantham gum, if using, until well combined. In a small saucepan, gently heat buttermilk over low until warm to the touch. Transfer to a large liquid-measuring cup whisk in eggs and melted butter. Make a well in center of flour mixture stir in buttermilk mixture until lumpy and just combined (do not overmix). Let stand 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, preheat oven to 200 degrees and place a rimmed baking sheet fitted with a wire rack inside. Heat a large nonstick skillet over medium lightly brush with oil.

Working in batches, add heaping quarter-cups of batter to skillet, spreading lightly with the bottom of the cup. Cook until bubbles form on surface, edges have set, and undersides are golden brown, about 4 minutes. Flip and continue cooking until other sides are golden brown, 2 to 3 minutes more. Transfer to prepared sheet in oven to keep warm while you cook remaining pancakes. Serve with room-temperature butter and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Level up your morning oats with this easy baked oatmeal recipe.

Just mix all the ingredients, transfer to a baking dish, and pop it in the oven. Done and done.

It slices into neat squares that you serve with a bit of Greek yogurt or a drizzle of maple syrup.

Add even more bright flavors to your morning by blending up an Orange Creamsicle smoothie to go with it.

Gluten Free Recipes

There are hundreds of great gluten free recipes on 101 Cookbooks. Recipes I developed or discovered over the years that happen to be delicious, as well as gluten free. I have a good number of friends who avoid gluten or who are gluten intolerant, so I eventually compiled those recipes into this list for convenient reference. All of these recipes are gluten free, or easily adapted to be gluten free. Enjoy!

Grilled Wedge Salad with Spicy Ranch Dressing

A delicious, crisp grilled wedge salad topped with a spicy ranch dressing, chives, and nuts. An all-time favorite summer salad.

Simple Sautéed Zucchini

To make simple sautéed zucchini, coins of zucchini are browned in a pan. The thing that makes this version special is the toasted gold slivers of garlic combined with lots of fresh dill or scallions. Finish with a sprinkling of almonds for a bit of crunch.

Baked Artichoke Dip

This simple artichoke dip hits all the crowd-pleasing notes of the classic version, but cuts way back on the mayo-bomb aspect. And guess what? No-one can tell the difference. I still use a bit of mayo, but incorporate some silken tofu and greek yogurt.

A Maximalist Potato Salad

If you're looking for a simple potato salad - this isn't it. But this maximalist take is worth making regardless. The details: tender potatoes are loaded with chiles, chopped herbs, garlic & whatever bright, fresh vegetables you have on hand.

How to Make Ghee

This is how to make ghee. It's wonderful and simple! It's a process I enjoy, and it yields one of my favorite cooking mediums. For those of you who might be unfamiliar, ghee is an unsalted butter that has had the milk solids removed after separating from the butterfat, resulting in beautiful, golden, pure fat with an unusually high smoking point.

Tapioca Pudding

The ultimate tapioca - a creamy, classic, delicious, vanilla-spiked tapioca pudding recipe. Guided by the tapioca enthusiasts in my family.

Spicy Tempeh Crumble Bowl

A riff on one of my favorite recipes in Andrea Nguyen's Vietnamese Food Any Day - a caramelized tempeh crumble. The sort of thing that immediately becomes the best component in your rice bowl.

Heirloom Bean and Mushroom “Carnitas” Casserole

A favorite Rancho Gordo heirloom bean casserole recipe. The smell of garlic and herbs baking alongside the beans, simmering tomatoes, and mushrooms will bring neighbors in off the sidewalk.

Peace, Love & Energy Dip

The best thing in my refrigerator right now. It’s a dip! An updated version of the virtuous hippie spreads found for decades in California grocery co-ops and farmers’ markets.

Vegetarian Split Pea Soup

A delicious, simple vegetarian split pea soup made from an impossibly short list of ingredients. Seriously, just five!

Gluten Free Pancakes

These gluten-free pancakes are our favorite weekend breakfast. Made with oat & almond flour, they're light, fluffy, and filled with warm vanilla flavor.

In the last few weeks, making this recipe for gluten-free pancakes has become our Saturday morning routine. Jack beats the egg whites into soft peaks while I whisk together the batter. Then, he gently folds in the egg whites, and I stand over the hot stove, flipping pancakes until we’ve used up every last drop of batter in the bowl.

I typically do the cooking in our house, but these gluten-free pancakes are one of the few recipes we actually make together. This couldn’t be more fitting, as they come from Aran Goyoaga’s new book Cannelle et Vanille. A true celebration of cooking and sharing food with others, the book is packed with beautiful photos and wholesome, gluten-free recipes “for every meal and mood.”

I’ve been a fan of Aran’s gorgeous work for years, and her book is equally stunning. It’s a must-have resource for any gluten-free baker, with recipes for breads, cakes, pizza dough, and more. And if you’re not gluten-free, you’re still going to want Cannelle et Vanille in your kitchen. It contains crave-worthy recipes for every type of meal, from quick breakfasts to special occasion dinners. While it’s not entirely vegetarian, most of the recipes are meat-free. I can’t wait to try the Roasted Carrot and Cashew Soup and Squash Blossom and Ricotta Pizza next!

Gluten-Free Pancakes Ingredients

Now, back to these gluten-free pancakes! Unlike many gluten-free pancake recipes, this one doesn’t require any hard-to-find ingredients like xanthan gum or a specific gluten-free flour blend. Instead, it uses two types of gluten-free flour that I always have on hand: almond flour and oat flour. You can find both of these flours at the store (I like Bob’s Red Mill), but most often, I make them at home in the food processor. Read more about how to make them here and here. Aside from the flours, Aran’s recipe calls for these ingredients:

  • Tapioca starch, to help the gluten-free flours rise.
  • Baking powder, to make them light and puffy.
  • Almond milk, to add moisture. Whole milk would work here too!
  • Maple syrup, to sweeten them. Of course, you’ll need more for serving!
  • Eggs, to add richness and lift.
  • Vanilla extract, to give these gluten-free pancakes a rich, warm vanilla flavor.

Easy Gluten-Free Pancake Recipe Tips

  • Let the batter rest for 5 minutes before you fold in the egg whites. Do not skip this step! It gives the dry ingredients a chance to absorb the milk, egg yolks, and maple syrup, thickening the batter before you fold in the egg whites. If you fold them in right away, your pancake batter will be too thin.
  • But don’t let the egg whites sit. Fold the egg whites into the pancake batter as soon as you whip them into soft peaks. Otherwise, they will separate and deflate, which results in a runnier batter and flatter pancakes.
  • Adjust the cooking time based on the heat of your stovetop. Whether you cook these gf pancakes on an electric griddle or in a nonstick skillet on the stove, make sure to adjust the cooking time in accordance with your equipment. Aran’s original recipe calls for 2-3 minutes per side. However, on my stove, 1 minute and 30 seconds per side yielded the best puffy texture and golden brown color. They burn easily, so make sure to watch them closely!
  • Dress them up! Like any pancakes, these are delicious with maple syrup. I also like to top them with fresh fruit like berries or tart cherries and a dollop of yogurt or coconut cream. You could sprinkle them with homemade granola for a nutty, crunchy finish as well. On special occasions, we serve these pancakes with mimosas, but otherwise, they’re wonderful with a glass of chilled vanilla oat milk.

More Favorite Brunch Recipes

If you love this gluten-free pancake recipe, find more of my favorite brunch recipes here or check out this post for 60+ healthy breakfast ideas. Alternatively, make one of these favorite brunch recipes next:

Easy Gluten-free Pancake Recipe

Oh, dear sweet, delicious fluffy pancakes. I have missed you. Not anymore. I have finally formulated an easy gluten-free pancake recipe and we crank them out twice a week.

This time last year, I found out that gluten and I had been fighting a long battle over my body. After over $8,000 in tests and years of joint pain, depression, gastrointestinal problems, throat tightening and the constant feeling of a panic attack, my doctor suggested I try to cut gluten out of my diet. I did and it was like a black blanket was lifted off of my head. There is no other way to put it.

At first, I thought it was psychological so I tried a friend’s AMAZING Boston Creme Pie. All of the symptoms came back. Ok, there might be something to this. I stayed gluten-free and created new recipes for my family, but I wasn’t completely convinced it wasn’t psychological.

One day I threw a handful of cereal into my mouth that I thought was GF. I knew immediately that it wasn’t because my throat started tightening up. I looked at the box, read that it had wheat and was convinced…finally. (Found out that I need to order potato vodka as well. Cosmos are an expensive treat.)

At first, I was grain free, but then I began to miss baking…and pancakes. After a lot of gooey, slimy, flat pancakes, I finally arrived at a recipe that had some height to it (perfect baking soda/baking powder combo) and an all purpose-flour / egg combo that doesn’t go gooey. Enjoy!

Watch the video: Η ζωή χωρίς ΓΛΟΥΤΕΝΗ και ΛΑΚΤΟΖΗ u0026 2 πανεύκολες ΣΥΝΤΑΓΕΣ!


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