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Tea or coffee cakes

Tea or coffee cakes

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Some tea or coffee cakes, will you be tempted at this rainy hour? I think so. We leave them with great pleasure to serve you alone while we are away from here. I have to accompany my Miruna, to Corbeanca, to the cooking session for which she prepared assiduously with Monkey bread. I told you something here, so I won't come back in detail ... eventually after we return we'll tell you more about what and how we did there.
So we invite you to serve with confidence and think of us, okay?

  • 300 gr flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 100 gr melted and cooled butter
  • 150-170 gr condensed milk
  • vanilla essence
  • powdered sugar for powdering

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Tea or coffee cakes:

Mix in a bowl sifted flour with baking powder. In another bowl, mix eggs with vanilla essence and condensed milk. Then add the melted and cooled butter and mix for a minute.

Mix the liquids with the solids, mixing everything until complete homogenization, with a whisk. Using a spoon, put the composition in the form of muffins, muffins, greased with butter.

Place the trays in the hot oven and simmer for 30 minutes. Take the toothpick test.

Remove from the molds and leave to cool on a metal grill.

Powder with powdered sugar and ... eat in moderation or not.

Useful tips to remove tea leaves when preparing tea

If you have a normal tea at home, for example a green tea, a red tea or a white tea, it is possible to eliminate the presence of gold in the drink in a simple and straightforward way. In fact, there are 3 very simple and straightforward tricks:

The first trick: let the tea rest for several minutes

Instead of letting the tea infuse for 3 to 5 minutes, it is best let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Of course, at the time of infusion, the taste will be much stronger, less soft and less stimulating.

The second trick: use twice as much water

Another simple option is prepare it by heating twice as much water. To do this, make an infusion, when the water is hot, let the tea rest for a minute, discard the water that reserves the tea leaves (or the envelope) and prepare a new infusion with more hot water. Then drink the second, making the drink with the same leaves used before.

Third row: infuse only 30 seconds

And finally, we will probably get to one of the easiest tricks to practice. You just have to put the tea in the saucepan with boiling water for 30 seconds. Then it is advisable to remove the water and make the second tea with the same already cooked leaves, as I explained in the second trick.

Petit Fours - mini cakes

- 80 g butter
- 6 eggs
- 150 g of white flour
- 150 g sugar cough
- 6 tablespoons of jam (I recommend strawberry or apricot jam)
- 400 g of marzipan
- For decoration: 2 bitter or milk chocolates, 200 g powdered or vanilla sugar, various candied fruits, shit, nuts, chocolate pieces, coffee beans, fruits, etc.

Method of preparation:

- the 6 yolks are beaten with sugar and 3 tablespoons of warm water, until they become a light foam
- beat the egg whites well with the mixer with a pinch of salt
- over the yolk foam add flour, melted butter and part of the egg whites and mix from bottom to top with a wooden spatula
- add the rest of the egg whites and incorporate perfectly
- an oven tray is lined with baking paper, the oven is preheated to the 3rd stage
- the dough obtained above is poured into the oven tray and leveled
- Bake for 15-20 minutes and then turn over on a plate or on a kitchen towel sprinkled with cold water and leave to cool
- the jam is heated a little in the microwave, and if it is very thick it can be put in a blender to become more liquid
- the commercial marzipan is spread in a uniform sheet, the size of the countertop
- Put the jam on the counter and then spread the marzipan sheet, using a rolling pin
- the dough thus "decorated" is cut into small, square pieces
- the pieces of cake can stay like this or they can be glued two by two
- Petit Fours cookies can be decorated to taste and inspiration with melted chocolate in a bain marie (or microwave) white or black, with vanilla sugar, candied fruit, shit, popcorn bought from the supermarket or even with pieces of fresh fruit.

A coffee or green tea? What do we choose?

For most of us, a cup of coffee in the morning is a real "engine" capable of providing energy and getting us moving. But if we were to choose from one coffee or green tea, what would we do?

In this article I want to talk about these two drinks. What are the benefits and disadvantages of coffee and green tea, respectively.

Energy is essential if we take into account the fast pace in which we live. A coffee is always our salvation. Did I say coffee? I think most of the time we get to two or even three.

But what would happen if we consumed green tea instead of coffee?

Most say that tea does not smell like coffee. But we all want to be healthy, not just energetic. So let's see which is healthier? A strong coffee or a cup of green tea?

Let's see, in turn, what are both the advantages and disadvantages of coffee and green tea. Then you decide which is the best option for you.

Tea or coffee cakes - Recipes

Coffee and tea set from Ka International

I love mornings when I'm not in a hurry. The ones where I quietly make my tea or coffee with milk, without running, always looking at my watch and not being able to drink more than two mouths. On those calm mornings, when I'm not on the run, I choose my cup, teapot, and even something to nibble on. It's a little ritual that I like & # 8211 though, after this ritual, all I want most is to fall back asleep. Something that can only happen sometimes, on weekends.

But I don't write about it because I would have discovered the secret of relaxing mornings. But I came across a set for coffee and tea that would look great in my kitchen. It is delicately painted, in white and blue, and most of all I like that it reminds me of a long time ago. When I see the teapot, the mugs and, especially, the cake trays, it seems to me that you have to serve the jam as well, as our grandmothers did. Of course, a fine jam, maybe rose.

I found this coffee and tea set at my favorite deco store, KA International. And if you want to see all the photos, you can find them here. Tell me if you don't remember the calm, long-ago afternoons when coffee or cake tea was most important. And no one was reading their emails on their iPhones as they put a square of sugar in their coffee.

Use tea or coffee sachets in several ways!

This is one of the principles of recycling. If you want to contribute to the well-being of the environment, please pay attention to the following recommendations regarding the reuse of tea or coffee sachets.

Organic fertilizer

You can start preparing your own fertilizer at home, whether or not you have a garden. If you throw away organic waste (fruit or vegetable peels) in one place, you will get black manure, which is very good as a fertilizer for plants and flowers. Moreover, if you use this organic solution, you will not pollute the area where you live.

If you do not like the idea of ​​creating a pile of fertilizer because you live in a small apartment or do not want to smell bad, do not worry: you can only unwrap the tea or coffee sachet and sprinkle the contents in a flower pot.

Tea plants are great for flowers, and if you also use coffee you will feel a very pleasant smell. Remember that you should only use the contents of tea or coffee sachets after they have cooled and dried. In this way, you will prevent the appearance of mold, and the organic fertilizer thus created will not attract beetles or ants.

Refrigerant air freshener

Coffee sachets can help neutralize or get rid of unpleasant odors in the refrigerator. This is one of the properties of the most famous hot drink in the world.

Next time you drink coffee, don't forget to squeeze the sachet and put it in the fridge. If you use coffee beans, you can put them in a bowl and cover them with gauze. They will completely absorb odors and help you give this appliance a pleasant smell.

Home remedies

Did you know that you can use tea or coffee sachets as a local solution for skin problems? For example, you can use them for bags under the eyes, mosquito bites or fleas, to reduce inflammation or to relax your eyes after spending a lot of time at the computer. It is good to always have a few used tea bags in the fridge, so that you have them on hand in case of emergency.

Every day, after work, sit on the couch (or get in the tub full of hot water and natural salts), play music, close your eyes and put a sachet of tea or coffee soaked in cold water on each eyelid. You will see the results immediately!

Fabric paint

For centuries, people used tea, but also other plants or flowers to dye textiles. If you soak a piece of cloth in the tea, you will notice that it will get a pleasant shade. You know what the sepia style in the photos is like, right? Well, it's something like that.

If you like manual work, give the material a vintage style, just like the things in your grandparents' attic. And, if you organize a vintage-style outdoor wedding, this type of paint will give the event the perfect shade.

Reduce cellulite

You know for sure how expensive anti-cellulite creams are. None are based on a 100% effective formula (which means you have to buy more than one tube), and commercial cosmetics are based on unhealthy components. Therefore, we recommend that you try the following recipe.

You need a little coffee grounds (from an envelope or from a coffee maker). Put a few drops of coconut oil or almonds in the pan and mix until a paste is formed. Apply this mixture on the areas affected by cellulite in circular motions, while taking a shower, massage the dirt on the buttocks, thighs, abdomen, legs and arms. Then rinse until the paste is removed and continue showering.

Get rid of the unpleasant smell on your hands

After cooking certain dishes with garlic, fish, olives or onions, you may be left with an unpleasant odor on your hands. If you have a pot of coffee grounds, do not hesitate to use it to get rid of unpleasant odors on your hands. Take some dirt in your palms and rub them for a few minutes. Finally, wash with warm water.

Brighter hair

All women would like to have healthier and more shiny hair, as we see in the ads for shampoo or conditioner. You can have such hair if you reuse coffee grounds. This is a simple and completely natural treatment.

Take a bowl full of coffee grounds, add boiling water and allow to cool. Strain the mixture and use the liquid on damp and clean hair (after showering). Leave on for about 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. Try this treatment once a week for a month. You will get spectacular results!


Make the most of these oatmeal recipes for weight loss and start enjoying the benefits that this cereal offers. But don't forget: oats can't work wonders.

It is possible to lose weight with oats, as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and stick to your new diet.

Last but not least, drink water throughout the day, exercise regularly, maintain a balanced diet, reduce your salt and sugar intake and try to disconnect from your busy life from time to time - these are simple tricks to you feel great. If you want to lose weight, it is best to consult a doctor and a specialist who can recommend the best action plan for you.

Every cup of coffee, every cup of tea is a unique moment to enjoy. Whether it's a lunch with friends, a romantic breakfast or time for you, the premium quality of Julius Meinl products encourages you to fully appreciate and enjoy the little moments of life.

Julius Meinl I. opened his first store in 1862, selling spices, rice, tea and green coffee beans. At that time, coffee was sold raw, then baked at home in an oven or using a frying pan. The story goes that the housekeeper of a Viennese family entered the store in a hurry, claiming that she had burned the expensive coffee beans. This is how the idea of ​​roasted coffee was born - and Julius Meinl I. invented the category of roasted coffee, setting new quality standards.

For a healthy life drink wine, coffee and tea. Moderate!

Tea, coffee and wine contribute to maintaining "good" intestinal bacteria in optimal parameters. In other words, if we do not consume alcohol or coffee, we run the risk of getting sick, according to a study conducted at the University of Groningen (Netherlands). Research coordinated by human genetics professor Dr. Cisca Wijmenga suggests that a cup of coffee or tea and a glass of wine can help maintain the level of "good" bacteria in the body.

Those people who regularly consume yogurt or whipped milk also have a greater diversity of intestinal bacteria, the researcher concluded. Unlike other studies, the study led by Dr. Wijmenga focused on healthy people, rather than those suffering from certain diseases, as part of the LifeLines program, which monitored the health of 165,000 people in the north of the Netherlands.

"We traced all the bacterial DNAs to get more detailed information about the types of bacteria," says Dr. Wijmenga. Dr. Alexandra Zhernakova, who collaborated in the study, says that no less than 60 dietary factors have been identified that influence the diversity of bacteria in the intestines: “What this means is still difficult to say. But there is a good correlation between diversity and health: a greater diversity of bacteria is better ”.

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Beyond a balanced diet, at least 19 different types of drugs & # 8211 some of which are widely used & # 8211 have an impact on microbiome diversity, the researchers also found. A previous study showed, for example, that antacids decrease the diversity of bacteria in the body, while antibiotics and certain drugs prescribed to diabetics also have a similar effect.

Dr. Wijmenga also explained how people get sick: “The disease often occurs as a result of several factors. Most of these factors, such as your eyelashes or your age, are not things you can change. But you can change the diversity of the microbiome by adapting your diet or medication. When we understand how this works, new medical possibilities will open up. ” The conclusion is simple and gratifying: drink wine, coffee and tea every day, it's really healthy!

1. Preheat the oven to 350F / 180 C. Prepare a pan greased with butter and lined with flour or prepared with baking paper.

2. In a bowl, mix the foam, sugar and butter, add the eggs one by one, mixing very well after you have added each egg.

The result is a thin and light cream. Cream to which I added ground almonds.

3. Add semolina, baking powder, ground almonds, flakes, well drained raisins, yogurt, leftover, lemon peel and mix gently by turning.

The gray I used is very finely ground, almost like flour. I couldn't say how it turns out with the semolina you find in Ro. I remember that slightly larger grind. If, however, there is even smaller, choose the finest.

4. Pour into the tray that goes in the oven, I used 23x23 cm but it also works a little bigger. The cake grows a little but should not be too high.
It can be served with inspiration with almonds or whipped cream on top or other combinations that will please you.

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