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Fasting pancakes with plum and walnut jam

Fasting pancakes with plum and walnut jam

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It's the first time I fast them and they are very good.

  • 750 ml of mineral water
  • 3 tablespoons oil
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 450 gr flour
  • salt
  • vanilla essence
  • 1 sachet of baking powder

Servings: 15

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Fasting pancakes with plum and walnut jam:

I rubbed the oil with the sugar in a bowl until it became like a foam, then I gradually added the mineral water, salt and essence and finally the flour mixed with the baking powder, put little by little until they were homogenized.

I put a poland of dough in the non-stick pan, uncooked and baked on both sides.

I filled it with plum jam mixed with ground walnuts.

Pancakes with ganache

Pancakes at Panini Maker? That was my first question and I was not a little surprised when I googled what I can do with a Panville Maker Breville. In addition to preparing classic sandwiches with Panini Maker Breville you can also prepare sandwiches, hot and delicious, but also omelets, pancakes, meatballs or burgers.
Pancakes with ganache is a simple recipe, even easy to remember. Almost all ingredients start with the number 2, so you don't always have to look for the recipe.

Do you like the intense taste of chocolate? Then give it a try pancakes with ganache!

Fasting pancakes with plum and walnut jam - Recipes

Do you remember the plum jam I made last month ?! It couldn't be better than some delicious pancakes.

Because it's cloudy, rainy and cold outside, I invite you to me for hot pancakes and booze!

I mixed the 4 beaten eggs well with the milk, then I added the sugar and the salt powder. When the sugar melted I added flour to the composition and mixed.

I baked the pancakes and then filled them with jam.

If you have nuts, grind them and add them over the jam. They taste great in combination.

20 Response to "Plum jam pancakes"

I came quickly, quickly. I feel bad even though it's raining, so the pancakes work great. Well, for pancakes do not have to be a certain time, they are always wonderful

you give me a pancake too. ))Kiss

Ohhh. what a craving you made me. I just received 2 jars of plum jam from my mother, I have to do it too. Pfff.

Two pieces are mine! You're also invited :)

You upset me badly with the picture in which the pancake is "undressed" and shows me the color inside. yamiii, I have to start making pancakes, because only when I go to my mother in the country, I eat. I send a jar with which you want jam, do you send me pancakes instead ?! Many kisses .

Sarah, you're very right! Pancakes are good anytime, and in winter let's warm up and in summer with some ice cream on top :) Kisses !!

Of course Alinutza, the invitation has already been launched :) Kisses!

Miha, I can't wait for you to serve us some delicious pancakes too :)) Pup!

Teo, tonight I'm taking another tour at the request of the public :)) Come to us :) Kisses!

Daniela, I'm sending you as many pancakes as you want because I know you're giving me jam from that all over :) Kisses!

I don't have plum jam anymore: ((I used to make good cherry jam, it turns out good ... but that cherry jam is no longer in stock either. I still have yellow cherries, strawberries and shock. Which goes better?

I came here in a heartbeat, I just grab another one. Kisses!

Andrada, with the cherry jam, I love it! I'm curious what the shock is like. I guess it smells. Pancakes go well with almost any jam or jam so you can test them with any :)

Dia, as they say & # 39are puddle over & # 39 :)) We have pancakes on saturated so it serves with confidence :) Pup!

oooo. warm pancakes. I came for the smell! :)

Welcome! I invite you to a pancake :)

today I was also thinking of some pancakes with jam, but these days I'm sure I'm craving a few !!

Well, if it's still cold outside, it's worth sitting in the kitchen for 15-20 minutes and baking some pancakes:) Have fun!

so you did. MULTUMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESC. : * next time I will come to you to give it to me too .. but for me chicken and baked nuts :): * Puuuuup

Yup, I also put nuts :) I can't wait to go to my in-laws to get some supplies of nuts, almonds, etc. that they have many and not the pope. we pop them :)) With pancakes :)) Poop!

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Mihaela Oprea 7 years ago - July 29, 2010 11:53

Re: Prunes stuffed with nuts

I also ate plums from these, but simple without sour cream, we constantly have a restaurant with Moldovan specialties, where food is served as in Chisinau, and they also have a band there that plays very nice, if you get to the sea it's a shame to miss it, "An evening in Constanta" is called the restaurant.

Simona-Adina Hotea 7 years ago - July 29, 2010 15:12

Re: Prunes stuffed with nuts

Mmmmm. I find the combination bestial do you recommend to sit in the fridge for a while before serving? (assuming I had more patience.

Ioana 7 years ago - July 29, 2010 15:19

Re: Prunes stuffed with nuts

I definitely recommend leaving the nuts in the plums even overnight if not more. if you eat them on the spot, the nuts are still hard and not the same taste. I felt like I put them on, so I let them sit for about 3 hours, until I made a goulash. I added the sour cream when serving.

cristi4 7 years ago - 22 November 2010 20:25

Re: Prunes stuffed with nuts

. shawl. it is about liquid or fermented cream. thank you very much

alina 7 years ago - 7 December 2010 21:05

Re: Prunes stuffed with nuts

but after filling the plums with walnuts, put them in a bowl and pour a cherry liqueur over them, then let them soak for a few hours. then decorate them with whipped cream or sour cream.

raisa 5 years ago - 3 February 2012 14:02

Re: Prunes stuffed with nuts

they are even better if the stuffed plums are boiled for 10 minutes with a little sugar and a cube of butter. when they cool they are served with sour cream.

giulia 5 years ago - 12 April 2012 22:56

Re: Prunes stuffed with nuts

the plums are boiled for another 10 minutes with white wine and sugar, they are super and without freshness.

Loredana 4 years ago - 11 October 2013 12:58

Re: Prunes stuffed with nuts

Alas, how good is this combination! I just ate a portion and it was great! I wouldn't have thought of this combination! Thanks Ioana! For a few weeks now, only your recipes have been preparing them !!

Diana 3 years ago - 26 May 2014 18:01

Re: Prunes stuffed with nuts

This dessert is very good! I ate on my breath. I had some prunes that had been in the fridge for several months, I was ready to throw them away, but I remembered that I had once seen a reed. 539et & # 259 with plums on this site)
I didn't have cream, but I used Greek yogurt (anyway, I think it goes with anything, yogurt, cream, fries.)

Fasting pancakes with plum and walnut jam - Recipes

A cake very easy to prepare, with few ingredients, but as tasty as a sophisticated dessert.

What you need: (picture 1)
For the dough:
& # 8211 250gr butter
& # 8211 200gr sugar
& # 8211 4 yolks
& # 8211 1 or
& # 8211 400gr flour

For the filling:
& # 8211 1 jar of plum jam

For meringue:
& # 8211 4 egg whites
& # 8211 5 tablespoons sugar
-100 gr ground walnuts

Work plan:
Mix all the ingredients for the dough (picture 2) until you get a crust (picture 3). Leave the dough in the fridge for 30 minutes.
& # 8211 Meanwhile, beat the egg whites, then add the sugar and continue mixing until you get a glossy and "sticky" foam (picture 4)
& # 8211 Then, with a spatula, mix the ground walnuts in the egg white foam (picture 5).
& # 8211 Here is the homemade plum jam (picture 6).
Remove the dough from the refrigerator. In a tray (35 & # 21525 cm), put a baking sheet, then add the dough, then spread it over the entire size of the tray (picture 7).
& # 8211 Add the plum jam (picture 8), then the meringue layer (picture 9).
Leave in the preheated oven at 170 degrees for about 45 minutes, until nicely browned on top (picture 10).
& # 8211 Have fun! (picture 11, picture 12)

Preparation time: 60 minutes (without cooling time)
Price: 20 lei (may vary depending on where you take the ingredients and inflation)

Mix the butter with the sugar until it becomes a foam and the sugar is completely dissolved.
Add the egg yolk and mix until smooth.
Add flour in the rain, after mixing in it the baking powder and the salt powder.
The result is a soft and fine dough, easy to handle.
In a bowl, beat the egg whites well with a fork, and in another bowl put the ground walnuts.
The cookies are formed as follows: first we form balls of dough that we pass through the egg whites and then we roll them through the walnut, until they are well covered. Then place the balls in the tray lined with baking paper and press with your finger in the middle to form a hollow, where we place with a teaspoon a little plum jam. (You can use another type of jam, but be firm).
Put the tray in the preheated oven at 150 degrees, for 10-15 minutes, or as needed depending on the oven, until you notice that the cookies have browned a little.
Remove the cookies on a grill and leave to cool.

The 2 functions that attract me the most to the Philips Multicooker are:
- 3D heating technology thanks to which the heat acts evenly and there is no need to mix.
- the preset timer for up to 24 hours thanks to which you are free to spend time with your loved ones, while Multicooker cooks for you.

Walnut cookies and plum jam are served whenever you feel like something good.

Pancakes with apricot jam and jam nuts

Dough :, 2 eggs, 50 g sugar, a pinch of salt, a sachet of vanilla sugar, 700 ml mineral water, white flour (as it contains for a liquid dough), Filling :, apricot jam, Decoration :, fresh apricots, jam of nuts

Difficulty: low | Time: 30 min

Magic with chia

The proposed version of pancakes uses the wonderful, amazing, superstar food, namely my favorite seeds, chia seeds. I eat chia daily, usually in the form of chia pudding or in warm oats with fresh fruit. I am a big fan of chia pudding for breakfast because it is easy to prepare and so delicious. Combine chia pudding with peanut butter, fresh fruit and vegetable yogurt. Simple and delicious.

Since I love chia so much and I found a new attraction to pancakes, I thought, why not combine the two? A success, I say.

So, these vegan pancakes with chia seeds are delicious, very easy to make and contain simple ingredients.

I used coconut sugar to sweeten them, but you can use another sweetener if you prefer, such as agave, brown sugar, stevia drops, or another sugar substitute like xylitol.

These pancakes can be sweetened naturally with ripe bananas. Filled with antioxidants, fiber and protein that chia seeds provide, you can serve pancakes without guilt. Chia seeds also add a crunchy texture to pancakes, which makes them even better.

Another great thing about this recipe is that you can freeze the composition and prepare it for another family breakfast whenever you want. Simply mix the ingredients until the mixture turns into a thick liquid, the typical pancake consistency.

I used oatmeal as a base. You can buy oatmeal, but it's pretty easy to make. Add the oats in a blender and grind until it looks like a light fluffy flour. Using oatmeal will result in fluffy pancakes.

I added baking powder and baking powder to help the pancakes grow well. I used soy milk, but you can use any milk you have on hand or even water. For best results, make sure you wait until they make balloons to return.

Video: How to Make The Best Pancakes. Easy Fluffy Pancakes Recipe


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